XeeScore - Social Scoring For Teams

What it is
Approachability and popularity are two social media fundamentals.
1) Sharing your appearoo means making yourself approachable
2) Attracting visits to your appearoo and then visiting the networks on your appearoo indicates attractiveness - leading to popularity.

What we measure
The XeeScore is based on the visits FROM a appearoo to the respective social sites, indicating the social presence value. The completness of a social presence as well as other factors leading to a daily updated XeeScore.

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We are specialized in WordPress, search engine optimization, social media integration and social media strategy. I co-founded my company, Ber|Art Visual Design, in 1999 as a web design firm. It has since grown into a full-service agency for maintaining complete corporate websites hosted by Ber|Art in a secure and fastcloud environment. I am a strategic partner of S3. I inspired the creation of S3Buzz, and have made many significant contributions to the development of the technology since its inception. I can attest to the power of Buzz Marketing and it’s powerful effect as the “new SEO”. My frequent Buzz campaigns, focused on insightful infographics, have enabled many Buzzers to earn credits to help them create their own Buzz campaigns.
WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting
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  Berrie Pelser XeeScore: 120 Social Media Strategy
  Rodney Pike XeeScore: 120 Rodney Pike Humorous Illustrator
  Rusty Roar XeeScore: 120 Manager
  TZARUL NICOLAI XeeScore: 120 Ambassador at Respect Network, Buzz Marketing Jedi, Online social presence manager, LION, PN
  MOB - Group.© XeeScore: 120 CEO & President
  Axel Schultze XeeScore: 120 Chairman
  Susan Connor XeeScore: 119 One of a team connecting and integrating.
  Cees Grootes XeeScore: 118 Consultant International Cooperation, Management & Enterprise Development, Business Matchmaking
  Tara Williams XeeScore: 117 Social Media,Internet Marketing,SEO Strategist
  Bhojaraju Gunjal, Ph.D XeeScore: 116 Head, Central Library / Knowledge Management Consultant
  Mick Say XeeScore: 80 Online Marketing Strategist
  Marita Schultze XeeScore: 75 CoFounder
  Jorge Purgly XeeScore: 66 Tarologist
  Michelle Harris XeeScore: 66 Social Media Manager
  Wendy Soucie XeeScore: 53 Global eBusiness Social Media Manager | B2B Industrial Social Business Strategy
  Hans-Gerlach Woudboer XeeScore: 53 CEO & Founder
  Dubie Bacino XeeScore: 53
  Ross Copping XeeScore: 51 Social Media Strategist
  Toon Kerssemakers XeeScore: 51 Master of law
  Hartley B Singer
(aka 1800HART)
XeeScore: 48 Proprietor - HBS Management Consultants
  Jorgen Poulsen XeeScore: 45 Social Media Strategist | Social Media Speaker
  Annie Diamond - Open Networker XeeScore: 41
  Rolf Lindström XeeScore: 39
  Martin Gysler XeeScore: 37 Managing Director
  Rami Kantari XeeScore: 36 Partner and Senior Consultant
  Olaf Kracht XeeScore: 31 Managing Owner
  steven healey XeeScore: 29
  Carece Slaughter XeeScore: 26 Wealth Coach and Strategic Planner
  Erik Van Erne XeeScore: 26 Managing Director
  Jos Essers XeeScore: 24 The Master Networker Institute
  Errol van Engelen XeeScore: 24 Business Consultant combining Innovation with Analytics to create a Competitive Edge
  Steve Cassady XeeScore: 20 Partner
  Tina Jonasen XeeScore: 19
  Markku Tauriainen XeeScore: 18 CEO, founder of TauriSol
  Viggo Andersen XeeScore: 17 Self employed
  Detlev Artelt XeeScore: 16 CEO & senior consultant
  William Stewart XeeScore: 16 Independent Social Media Strategist & Consultant
  Elza van Swieten XeeScore: 15 Webdesigner, writer
  Anise Smith XeeScore: 15 President & Director of QR Code Marketing, Faceboo
  Digital Sunrise Europe XeeScore: 13
  Steven Johnson XeeScore: 11 Assistant Professor
  Anne Thomas XeeScore: 10 Independent Associate
  Christine Miller XeeScore: 10 Founder/CEO
  Andrew Maher XeeScore: 9 Digital Interaction Strategist
  Jim Browning XeeScore: 6 CEO
  Gemmy Pelser XeeScore: 4 Partner
  Wayne Mansfield XeeScore: 3 Director of International Marketing
  Nadine Hack XeeScore: 0 CEO