XeeScore - Social Scoring For Teams

What it is
Approachability and popularity are two social media fundamentals.
1) Sharing your XeeMe means making yourself approachable
2) Attracting visits to your XeeMe and then visiting the networks on your XeeMe indicates attractiveness - leading to popularity.

What we measure
The XeeScore is based on the visits FROM a XeeMe to the respective social sites, indicating the social presence value. The completness of a social presence as well as other factors leading to a daily updated XeeScore.

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  Zbynek Kysela ✔ XeeScore: 120 Social Media Strategist Brighton, United Kingdom
  Society3 Group - Global Entrepreneurship XeeScore: 120 Accelerating Global Entrepreneurship
  Berrie Pelser XeeScore: 120 Social Media Strategy
  Chuck Jones XeeScore: 120 Owner
  Rodney Pike XeeScore: 120 Rodney Pike Humorous Illustrator
  Axel - Schultze XeeScore: 120 CEO, Society3 - S3 Accelerator
  Quality Consultancy XeeScore: 120 Quality Consultancy
  Phillip Bellé XeeScore: 120 Co-Founder
  Susan Connor XeeScore: 119 One of a team connecting and integrating.
  Jim Harrison XeeScore: 119 webdesigner/internet outreach/clerical/ (voluntary)
  Steffen Bieser XeeScore: 118 Bio-Farming Ghana - Sofortkredite Germany - Social Media
  Cees Grootes XeeScore: 118 Consultant International Cooperation, Management & Enterprise Development, Business Matchmaking
  Remi Vladuceanu XeeScore: 107 Co-founder and Owner
  Todd Herschberg XeeScore: 106 President / CMO
  Qasir Z Khan XeeScore: 106 Owner
  Filipe Moura XeeScore: 106 Writer
  Otmane El Rhazi XeeScore: 97 Day Trader and Manager
  Jan Vajda XeeScore: 85
  Blair Kunkel XeeScore: 83 CEO - Owner
  Patrice ASIA XeeScore: 83 Owner
  Mick Say XeeScore: 80 Online Marketing Strategist
  Daniil Brodovich XeeScore: 77 CEO
  Marita Roebkes XeeScore: 75 Co-Founder - Vice President
  Patricia Mellin XeeScore: 74 Consultant
  Michelle Harris XeeScore: 66 Social Media Manager
  Joseph Aquilino XeeScore: 63 Entrepreneur/ CEO/Creator on the Internet
  Prasanth G XeeScore: 62 Passionate Blogger, Gamer and more over a loving FRIEND.
  Irene Kimmel XeeScore: 61 Managing Director
  Patrick Ciriello XeeScore: 61 COO / Partner
  Wesley Gerrard XeeScore: 60 DJ
  Andrew S. Baker (ASB) XeeScore: 60 Virtual CIO (Information Security & IT Operations)
  dr.Virgil Dan AMZA XeeScore: 58 PhD scientific researcher
  Hans-Gerlach Woudboer XeeScore: 53 CEO & Founder
  Dubie Bacino XeeScore: 53
  Nahason Bastin XeeScore: 51 To Face The Future
  Toon Kerssemakers XeeScore: 51 Master of law
  Ross Copping XeeScore: 51 Social Media Strategist
  Ivo Nový XeeScore: 49 CEO | Social Media Consultant
  Christine Spaziano XeeScore: 48 Owner/ Founder
  Mott Marvin Kornicki XeeScore: 48 Real Estate Broker
  Jorgen Poulsen XeeScore: 45 Social Media Strategist | Social Media Speaker
  Wayne Ulery XeeScore: 45 Entrepreneur, Social Media Mentor, Networker
  Nadine Hack XeeScore: 44 CEO
  Carla Goddard, Msc.D. XeeScore: 42 Contemporary Medicine Woman
  Timothy Tanner XeeScore: 41 Channel Sales Consultant, Entertainment Industry Promoter, Social Media Professional
  Annie Diamond - Open Networker XeeScore: 41
  Fred McMurray Open Networker XeeScore: 40 CTO
  William Spicer XeeScore: 40 RETIRED
  Petit Buzz XeeScore: 39 Le Petit Journal du Buzz - Petitbuzz.com
  Hits Universe Group XeeScore: 39 Owner/Administrator
  Rolf Lindström XeeScore: 39
  Margret Fischer XeeScore: 38 MSc
  Goran Glogovac XeeScore: 38 Pan Computers Security
  Mari-Lyn Harris XeeScore: 38 Founder
  Sudip Das (Open Networker) XeeScore: 38 CEO, Social Media Consultant, Web Entrepreneur, Pro-Blogger, MBA, Philanthropist
  Subrato Paul XeeScore: 38 Founder, CEO
  Jyoti Zaveri XeeScore: 38 Your Digital Publicity is My Passion
  Guyver CHT XeeScore: 37 Founder
  José Javier Navas Pedregosa XeeScore: 37
  Jithender Reddy XeeScore: 35 Score more, earn more at my profits
  9Dotstrategies Company XeeScore: 35 Digital and Social Media Marketing Company
  Mona Bernhardt-Lörinczi XeeScore: 34 Owner
  Sally K Witt XeeScore: 34 Partner
  Goran Glogovac XeeScore: 34 Pan Computers Cyber Security
  Pacific Cove XeeScore: 33 Health Care Advocate
  Roger Koplenig XeeScore: 32 Head of Marketing & HR
  Dan Petersen XeeScore: 31 Owner
  Flavio Pic XeeScore: 31 Training Manager and Freelance Tech Journalist
  Joan Stewart XeeScore: 30 Entrepreneur
  Joseph K. Levene XeeScore: 30 Art Dealer
  Sweet Luvianto XeeScore: 30 Director
  David Walters XeeScore: 30 Entrepreneur
  Michael Q Todd XeeScore: 29 Love Promoter
  Angelo Karageorgos XeeScore: 29 Founder/Owner
  steven healey XeeScore: 29