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Rick Cordeiro

Rick Cordeiro

  •   149   

(Actor/ Comic)
Self Employed TORONTO

My IMDb click to go My Actor site click to go

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3487588/ IMDB (Internet Movie Database) Starmeter TOP 5%
xeeme.com/_/system/register2.cfm XeeMe <-- Get Your XeeMe Here
http://xeeme.com/RickCordeiro/ XeeMe My XeeMe
http://xeeme.com/_/System/AppsPub/Xeeme/WWOF.cfm#.UdOsc9kj9-Q.twitter XeeMe Wall Of Fame - top 25 countries
http://xeeme.com/_/system/appspub/xeeme/Xeeme-VideoLibrary.cfm XeeMe Video library
Bio + Contact Info
about.me/CordeiroRick About.me Personal homepage
647-713-0189 647-713-0189 My CELL #
mailto: imgoalsactionresults@gmail.com email My GMail
www.rickcordeiro.com Website My Actor Site (Official)
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Nhl4hamilton Wikipedia My Bio Page
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamilton,_Ontario Wikipedia Featured Article: "Hamilton, Ontario"
Top 5 Social Media Links
https://www.facebook.com/CordeiroRick Facebook My Facebook
https://plus.google.com/u/0/104652405431634778675/posts Google+ 2,500+ follows/ 29,000 views
http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/rick-cordeiro/35/420/589 LinkedIn My Linkedin Home Page
pinterest.com/cordeirorick/ Pinterest (1,600 followers) 850+ pins
https://www.tsu.co/RickCordeiro Tsu (privacy red flag) My TSU (200 friends/ 200 followers)
https://twitter.com/CordeiroRick Twitter 350,000+ Followers (#15 in Toronto)
Social Media Metrics
http://klout.com/#/CordeiroRick Klout Influence Score: 70
http://kred.com/#search/CordeiroRick Kred KRED Score: 960/11
http://tweetlevel.edelman.com/User/CordeiroRick TweetLevel My Tweet Level: 78.7
https://trustcloud.com/!/CordeiroRick TrustCloud Online Trust Score: 772
www.peerindex.com/CordeiroRick Peerindex Social Web Score: 83
peerreach.com/CordeiroRick# Peerreach Analyses your connections and interactions
beta.prollie.com ProSkore Overall social media score (A- twitter)
http://tweet.grader.com/location/?Location=Toronto%2C+08%2C+Canada TweetGrader Grade: 100 (#10 Toronto, #23 Canada)
twittercounter.com/CordeiroRick Twittercounter 350,000+ Followers (#15 in Toronto)
More Social Media A-Z
http://rickcordeiro.blogspot.ca/ Blogger My Blog
circleme.com/rickcordeiro CircleMe Social way to collect likes
www.classmates.com/people/Rick-Cordeiro/8746887734/omc?miscj=CMHeader Classmates Reconnect w/ high school friends
www.empireavenue.com/RICKCORDEIRO EmpireAvenue interact w/ world's top social media profiles
www.flickr.com/people/98369329@N05/ Flickr My online Photo management/sharing
foursquare.com/user/59700258 Foursquare My Four Square
http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/14107362-rick-cordeiro Goodreads My Good Reads
en.gravatar.com/rickcordeiro Gravatar Image that follows you from site
grovo.com/home/profile/117428 Grovo Free video tutorials and online training
www.meetup.com/members/12957826/ Meet-up Find Meetup groups near you
www.panoramio.com/user/727651 Panoramio My HAMILTON photos (GoogleEarth)
s1291.photobucket.com/user/Rick_Cordeiro/profile/ Photo Bucket My Film shoot photos
ping.it/RickCordeiro ping.it Your Feed. Sign up & Save your feed
qwikr.me/rickcordeiro Qwikr My QR code
www.quora.com/Rick-Cordeiro Quora Your best source for knowledge
www.rebelmouse.com/Rick_Cordeiro/ RebelMouse Create dynamic social sites, real-time ads
www.reverbnation.com/fan/rickcordeiro ReverbNation Best music for everyone
www.roomorama.com/users/cordeirorick Roomorama Short term stays, U.S. Canada, Europe
serendip.me/RickCordeiro Serendip Discover your music soul mates
simplyhired.com Simply Hired 406,566 jobs from Job Boards, Web
www.skillpages.com/rickcordeiro SkillPages Enables you to get found by anyone, anywhere
http://www.stage32.com/profile/14873/rick-cordeiro Stage 32 My Stage 32
tagdef.com/ tagdef Twitter hashtag definitions
talent.me/rickcordeiro Talent.me Receive endorsements from friends
http://www.ted.com/profiles/1926576 TED Ideas Worth Spreading My TED Community
rickcordeiro.tumblr.com/ Tumblr Tumblr blog
twtrland.com/profile/cordeirorick Twtrland Twitter social footprints
www.veoh.com/users/RickCordeiro Veoh Watch Movies Online For Free
www.viadeo.com/profile/002168juutocaf76 Viadeo Business Directory
vimeo.com/rickcordeiro Vimeo My Vimeo channel
www.vizify.com/rick-cordeiro/ Vizify Graphical Bios
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRetroBuddha YouTube My Youtube channel
visual.ly/users/rickcordeiro visual.ly Infographics & Data Visualization
vizualize.me/RickCordeiro Vizualize.me Visualize your resume in one click
https://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=699&q=rick+cordeiro&oq=rick+cordeiro&gs_l=img.1.0.0j0i24.1358.2857.0.4248. Webshots Google Images: Rick Cordeiro
http://ca.images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=Ajl6zDRJinJjwvQc.PtWm0At17V_;_ylc=X1MDMjE0MjYyMzUzMwRfcgMyBGZyA3lmcC10LTcxNQRuX2dwcwMwBG9yaWdpbgNjYS55YWhvby5jb20EcXVlcnkDcmljayBjb3JkZWlybwRzYW8DMA--?p=rick+cordeiro&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t- Webshots Yahoo Images: Rick Cordeiro
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li My Daily Newspaper
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Tweeted Times My Daily Newspaper
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', BuzzFeed Hottest Breaking Buzz
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li The #Filmmaking Journal
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li From Idea to Script to Film
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li The Global Local Social
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Health Daily !
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li High-Tech Gadgets Daily
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li HollywoodGlee
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Leafs Daily @ImLovingThis
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Movies Daily !
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Networking Daily !
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Piracy Daily !
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Seventh Tech Daily
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Solid-News Daily !
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li TV Daily !
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li VIP Movie Snob
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', paper.li Writer's Journal
--------- LINKEDIN GROUPS --------
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Actor Resources
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Actors Worldwide
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Actors & Casting Directors
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Film & TV Professionals
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Film & Television Professionals
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group International TV Professionals
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Model & Actor/ Actress Connection
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Showbiz Jobs (Worldwide)
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group Talent Watchers
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group The Savy Actor Conection
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group The Talent Industry
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', LinkedIn Group XeeMe
---------- FACEBOOK GROUPS ----------
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group Hallihan Casting
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group Jigsaw Casting
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group Mann Casting
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group Milo Casting
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group Powerhouse Casting
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group The Casting Group
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group Toronto Casting Call
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Facebook Group Toronto Web Series Community
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Website Breakdowns Crowdfunding
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Website Claim Fame Casting (LA/NY)
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList2.sneturl,35),'<BR>', Website Backstage
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', TED Ideas Worth Spreading How I made an impossible film
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube 80's Muzic
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Cosmic Journeys
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Disclosure TV
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Bugsy Siegel
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Dutch Schultz
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Billboard
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Crime Families
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Al Capone
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Joe Bonanno
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Joe Colombo
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: John Gotti, Jr.
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Meyer Lansky
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Sam Giancana
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Documentary: Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Gangsters: The Real Sopranos
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube The Godfather and The Mob
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Hollywood Reporter
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Inside Actor's Studio: Robert Di Niro
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Inside Actor's Studio: James Gandolfini
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Inside Actor's Studio: Al Pacino
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Inside Actor's Studio: Mickey Rourke
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Jim Carrey
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Laurel & Hardy
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Mafia Documentaries
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Max Keiser TV
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Music Mike
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Off The Air But Still Here
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Out There w/ Melissa DiMarco
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Roger Hodgson
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube RT America
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Russia Today
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube Sirius XM
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube The Ed Sullivan Show
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube The Hour
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube The Official SCTV
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube The Three Stooges
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube TV Legends
#Replace(wrap(getUserNetworkList3.sneturl,35),'<BR>', YouTube UFO TV
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Richard Cordeiro was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and moved to Toronto in 2008 to pursue a full-time acting career. Since then, he has appeared in over 100 productions including film, TV, commercials, music videos, web series and public events.

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