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XeeMe VIPs are limited to 1,000 people.

1) VIPs have exclusive features
2) VIPs have access to an exclusive VIP Club
3) VIPs get additional credits

There are only 1,000 VIP licenses available
VIP Licenses can be sold / transfered to other users at a price that will need to be negotiated.

Xross Network Score (XNS)

Social Media Meta Score
We take the most relevant social media scores such as Presence Value, Influence, Trust, Kredibility, Peer Index and summarize a Xross Network Score (XNS).

Score Relevance
Each score has a unique aspect of your network power:
1) Klout as an influence score indicating your influence via the content you communicate.
2) XeeScore as a presence value indicating how strong your presence is in the social web.
3) TrustCloud as a trust score indicating if you are a real person with physical credentials.
4) Kred indicating the kredibility you have with others.
5) Peer Index, somewhat similar to Kred and Klout but also available as a group score.

If you care about the algoritm, we completely transparent about it.
XNS Score = (((((TC-600)/3) + (KRed/10) + XeePV + K + PI)/5
We look at the upper band of TrustCloud, devide Kred by 10, add the rest and devide it by the number of available scores.
Be an advocate for others - recommend your friend!

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XeeScore = Return On Engagement

What is it?
The XeeScore measures the social impact and shows your Return On Engagement.

What is "Impact"?
You maybe extremely busy sharing, tweeting, posting and liking things and your Kred or Klout score is growing because of that, yet you don't get a real return on your engagement. People may see it but only a smaller number gets in touch with you, not enough get to know you and not enough connect with you. The impact of all your work is rather low.
On the other hand, people read your posts and enjoy what you share and follow you, like you connect with you across all networks. In this case the impact of all your work is really high.

Understand the problem
One of the biggest issues is that people may not even know where in the social web you are. They may see you on Twitter, but have no idea that you are also in Pinterest, YouTube and SlideShare. You may post a great blog post but reader may not even know how to get in touch with you other than email.

How to increase your social impact?
Make sure that whatever you post, you are just a click away. Even your best friends will find it easier to click a link than searching for your vanity URL on SlideShare or Pinterest. The wider you share your presence the higher your impact. Use the XeeMe analytics to know what networks are most interesting to your friends and therefor most relevant for you. Navigate your engagement for maximum impact towards places where your most relevant connections are.

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S3-Buzz!™      +1 (650) 384 0057 or email for more help.

Creating your own Buzz

Setting up a buzz is very easy:

1) Login Appearoo or Society3 and install the Buzz application
2) Explore a few buzz campaigns to see them in action
3) Let your account be verified, to become a trusted Buzz Master
4) Create a Buzz network by inviting some of the highly connected users
5) Buy some Gold credits to setup a budget for your campaign
6) Use the sinngle page Buzz Composer and fire it up

Buzz Network
What's so unique about S3-Buzz
* S3 Buzz is a superior technology
* There is already a network of highly connected Networker who can help carry out you Buzz

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I enjoy what I do!!!!! I help others build huge Social Medias such as more Facebook LIKES, Twitter Followers, Pinterest Followers,etc. As well as teaching them FREE ways to make Money Online and Offline!!! http://kennyboykin.com/
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Daniil Brodovich

2 Days ago
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TalkToChef explainer is finally public!
Check out @TalkToChef video explainer! 1st ever cooking 911 w/real chefs finally got published! #foodie xrl.co/0v5bbm
Reward: 400 credits

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Axel Schultze

22 Days ago
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Why is the initial value of an idea is zero
Why are so many people don't give a dime on great #ideas? Here are some answers #Startups xrl.co/nrp4sv
Reward: 100 credits

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Richard Wimmer

1 Month ago
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2015 is the International Year of Light
The importance of light and light-based technologies providing solutions to global challenges. #IYL2015 xrl.co/c0rvv3
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Sotrender App

1 Month ago
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How to benefit from Super Bowl obssesion
Essential tips for SMB’s how to benefit from #SuperBowl obssesion by using social media #growthhacking xrl.co/iat677
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Lex Tan

1 Month ago
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Never miss 10 Must-Visit places in Incheon, Korea
Never miss 10 Must-Visit places in Incheon, Korea! From shopping to delicious local foods :) #incheon xrl.co/6bvkx1
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Society3 Accelerator & Funders Mart

3 Months ago
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Social Media Training
Wow - the Social Media Strategist class now available in 20 individual video lessons for $65 each. #SocialMediaStrategy xrl.co/kkqz4t
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Phillip Bellé

3 Months ago
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MoID Product Video
The main reason you go to #events, is because you want to get in touch with other people. #MoID xrl.co/h2l8wg
Reward: 100 credits

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Lex Tan

4 Months ago
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10 places must visit in Jeju Island, South Korea
10 places must-visit in Jeju Island, South Korea! 75% of visitors visited those places! :D #Jeju xrl.co/2pgmry
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Sotrender App

4 Months ago
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New automatic reports in Sotrender
New Facebook automatic reports in Sotrender just released! Perfect for marketers. Learn more: #growthhacking xrl.co/1hfgpi
Reward: 100 credits

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Phillip Bellé

5 Months ago
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Berlin, Munich, or San Francisco???
Turn around network effects to your favor and to the favor of all your users. #MoID xrl.co/k0qr7v
Reward: 100 credits

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