XeeMe is for power users

It's a pro tool
Power Networker
If you have more than 10 social sites and are a highly connected individual, you will want to ensure that your social presences are known to all your contacts. You also will want to know which of the sites are actually important and relevant. XeeMe provides you with the respective social presence analytics.

Sales & Marketing
If you have a diverse target audience, you will want to be where your customers are. As your presence grows you will not want to update all your locations any time something changes. XeeMe gives you a central pointer for all you contacts to go to and find your social presence.

    Quick Presence Distribution
Accelerate your social presence
Your XeeMe contains your entire social presence. Make sure everybody can 'xee' it. Add it to all your social profiles across the social web.

You only need to manage you XeeMe.
As your social presence grows and changes, you only need to maintain your XeeMe all other places should point to your XeeMe which is always up-to-date.
Add your XeeMe to your social profiles with just a few clicks
Communication Tips
Use your XeeMe on posts and comments
Nothing is more disappointing than reading an interesting post and having no idea how to get in touch with the author.

Make it easy for others to find you
Use your XeeMe on every note you are writing. It is not about promoting your presence but about making it easy for your contacts to get in touch. Make yourself just a click away.

Explain what the URL is for
Some communities see URLs as spam as people overpromoted their business. Make a note that your XeeMe is your social presence. I.e. "ways to connect with me" or "My social presence" or in case you want to check me out"

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