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Please don't send us any resume. We are interested in people not in any "professionally written" and pre manufactured resumes. All your details are on LinkedIn and other social sites already. Make sure your profiles and networks are top notch!

If you not already have, create your XeeMe and share it with us: "jobzz at xeeme . com". Subject: Customer Engagement Manager. Or send Axel a XeeNote.

Next steps can be done online and over a phone call and then let's grab a cup of coffee and chat. :)

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About XeeMe Culture
The customer experience of our clients is only a reflection of our company culture. In essence our culture is based on common sense between people, our society, our economy and the planet we live on. The XeeMe culture is not a manifest of rules - it is a way of working together as a team, together with our business partners and customers and together with our industry.

Short URL: http://bit.ly/xeejobsasm

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