XeeScore Tips
  XeeScore Algorithm

The XeeScore is computed by looking at the visits to your XeeMe (inbound social traffic) and from your XeeMe to your social sites (outbound social traffic). In addition we look at the number of unique visitors (uniques) and calculate an amplification factor (amp) by dividing outbound traffic through inbound traffic. An amplification factor better than 1 means that for each visit to your XeeMe you get multiple visits to your social media sites. All together it shows you a Return On Engagement by seeinhg how many people actually visited your XeeMe and your sites after they saw your content, wherever you are in the social web.

The actual Algorithm: ((SQR((OutBound + uniques) * (SQR(OutBound/Inbound))) * (SQR(uniques)/100+1)) * 1.1

Please remember, the XeeScore is not about YOUR ACTIVITIES you can measure this through Kred, Klout and other tools. XeeScore is essentially the "outcome" of those activities, meaning how many people want to get in touch with you or your brand after they saw your content anywhere in the social web.

XeeScore Variations

The XeeScore on your XeeMe or inside your application dashboard may vary from the one on the Wall of Fame. The Wall of fame is a weekly summarization and stored in a separate data store while the XeeScore on your XeeMe is updated daily and part of your "DNA" which you carry around.

Intrigued? Just create your XeeMe and share it with your friends, on posts, comments, tweets, on social media profiles, wherever you are.

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