XeeMe is for power networker

It's a pro tool
Power Networker
If you have more than 10 social sites and are a highly connected individual, you will want to ensure that your social presences are known to all your contacts. You also will want to know which of the sites are actually important and relevant. XeeMe provides you with the respective social presence analytics.

Sales & Marketing
If you have a diverse target audience, you will want to be where your customers are. As your presence grows you will not want to update all your locations any time something changes. XeeMe gives you a central pointer for all you contacts to go to and find your social presence.

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    XeeMe VIP Directory

VIP User

XeeMe VIPs have a special edition with several specific advantages.


VIP Advantage

2.000 credits per day / 60,000 per month (a $720/year value)
VIP theme exclusive to VIPs
Certified account, access to XRL
Access to "Mega Buzz"
VIP Beta access to new products
List VIPs (XeeMe) + biz description on XeeMe website
VIP badge on profile

VIP FB group with beta access and first tryouts tips and insides
VIP t-shirt with personal XeeMe URL on it
XeeMe product training for free or at least 50% discount
Be-annually VIP talk (VIP online conference, road map...)
Discounts on special events
Special badge and gift after 5 years membership
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