XeeMe Design Partnership
Design partnership in short
If you are a creative person and want to create some cool themes for XeeMe, we'd love to support you. All you need is to create three transparent PNG images:
Design Partner Collaboration
We are in an early stage collaborating with designer. so If you are a marketing agency, social media consultant or adjacent service you should consider becoming a XeeMe partner.

This is all it takes:
1) Top image (657 x 83 pixels)
2) Center image that will be repeated (657 x 6 pixels) on the 6 pixel we are flexible You need to leave approximately 590 pixels free for the actual application.
3) Bottom image (657 x 83 pixels)
All images need to be transparent .PNG

Design Pack

Click the image to download the samples.

Download Sample
Please download the Sample Package. It also includes the XeeMe positioning definitions (two jpg images)

Style Sheet
In the download you will also find a sample CSS that can go with a theme.

Beta State

At this stage we do not provide any upload. However, we are more than happy to embed new and cool looking themes in XeeMe for you, just send it to support at xeeme com.

Charging for themes
In the near future we provide a way for designer to actually charge for more sophisticated themes.


We are sure you have a lot of suggestions to make this much more powerful. For instance working with more advanced style sheets, allowing embeds or other techniques.

Please tell us what you need and our dev team will try to accomodate your needs as good as possible.

If you need theme specifi style sheets, no problem.
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