Accounts and levels

Account Type
Free version
Most XeeMe products are available as a free version to try it out. Functionality is somewhat restricted but there is no time limitation.

Business Edition
For commercial use. Typically no volume limitations, allows contact export, message to contacts, more onboarding varieties and more.

User Levels
User levels show the degree of experience with XeeMe.

Experienced user with a decent level of connections, visits to their XeeMe and actively engaged with XeeMe Applications.

New level for those with an extraordinary engagement and investment in XeeMe. Ambassadors are experienced with all applications, have a large group of people added to their XeeMe and help others leverage the capabilities.

    XeeMe supports the largest number of social sites

Why is it important?

Each network or site you add to your XeeMe gets tracked by our backend analytics engine. The so called Network Relevance Report™ tells you how relevant your networks are to your visitors. That helps you focus your time allocation to what is relevant to your contacts. No more guessing.

No other Social Presence Manager has a comparable width and depth in presence analytics.
Social Networks & Sites - 602 currently supported by Appearoo
12Manage  12Manage
43Things  43Things
500px  500px
8Tracks  8Tracks
99 Designs  99 Designs
9flats  9flats
AboutUs  AboutUs
Accredible  Accredible
Achivy  Achivy
ActiveRain  ActiveRain
AddPublic  AddPublic
airbnb  airbnb
Alexa  Alexa
Alkemica  Alkemica
Allnumis  Allnumis
Alltop  Alltop
Alternion  Alternion
alternion  alternion
AlwaysOn  AlwaysOn
AM Net (privacy red flag)  AM Net (privacy red flag)
Amazon  Amazon
Angel List  Angel List
Appearoo  Appearoo
Apsense  Apsense
Arab Business Club  Arab Business Club
Art Hero  Art Hero
Asian Avenue  Asian Avenue
Ask.FM  Ask.FM
aSmallWorld  aSmallWorld
Authors Den  Authors Den
Badoo (privacy red flag)  Badoo (privacy red flag)
Bandcamp  Bandcamp
Bebo  Bebo
Behance  Behance
Better Networker  Better Networker
Betterific  Betterific
Beyond  Beyond
BibSonomy  BibSonomy
Bigsight  Bigsight
Bitly  Bitly
BizNik  BizNik
Bizpora (privacy red flag)  Bizpora (privacy red flag)
BizSugar  BizSugar
Black Planet  Black Planet
Blog  Blog
Blog Catalog  Blog Catalog
Blog Talk Radio  Blog Talk Radio
Blogengage  Blogengage
Blogger  Blogger
BlogHer  BlogHer
Bloglog  Bloglog
Bloglovin  Bloglovin
Blogmarks  Blogmarks
Blurtit  Blurtit
BOB Clubs  BOB Clubs
Bookmarky  Bookmarky
Branchout (privacy red flag)  Branchout (privacy red flag)
brandyourself  brandyourself
Brandyourself  Brandyourself
Brijj  Brijj
Buffer  Buffer
Bugscore  Bugscore
Bukisa  Bukisa
Bulletin Boards  Bulletin Boards
Bundlr  Bundlr
Business Exchange  Business Exchange
Business XeeMe  Business XeeMe
BuzzFeed  BuzzFeed
Cafe Press  Cafe Press
Cafemom  Cafemom
Calameo  Calameo
Carbonmade  Carbonmade
Care2  Care2
Centillien  Centillien
Chime.In  Chime.In
Circlecount  Circlecount
CircleMe  CircleMe
citeulike  citeulike
Classmates  Classmates
Clipboard  Clipboard
Cloggwork  Cloggwork
CloudBook  CloudBook
ClubPenguin  ClubPenguin
CodePlex  CodePlex
CoderWall  CoderWall
CommonRed  CommonRed
Comunitats  Comunitats
ConnectedHQ  ConnectedHQ
ContractorTalk  ContractorTalk
Couchsurfing  Couchsurfing
Coursera  Coursera
CredPort  CredPort
Crowdrise  Crowdrise
CrunchBase  CrunchBase
Dailymotion  Dailymotion
Degreed  Degreed
Delicious  Delicious
deviantART  deviantART
Digg  Digg
Digital Sunrise Europe  Digital Sunrise Europe
Diigo  Diigo
DiscoGS  DiscoGS
Disqus  Disqus
DocStoc  DocStoc
Dreamstake  Dreamstake
Dribbble  Dribbble
eBay  eBay
EFactor  EFactor
ekudos  ekudos
Elance  Elance
Ello  Ello
EmpireAvenue  EmpireAvenue
Endomondo  Endomondo
Endorse.Me  Endorse.Me
Etsy  Etsy
EventBrite  EventBrite
Eventful  Eventful
Evernote  Evernote
Evite  Evite
ExpertFile  ExpertFile
EyeEm  EyeEm
EzineArticles  EzineArticles
Facebook  Facebook
Facebook Group  Facebook Group
Facebook Page  Facebook Page
Faithful Earth  Faithful Earth
FanBox  FanBox
Fancy  Fancy
fandrop  fandrop
Faviki  Faviki (privacy red flag) (privacy red flag)
FineArtAmerica  FineArtAmerica
Finetune  Finetune
Fitocracy  Fitocracy
Fiverr  Fiverr
Flattr  Flattr
Flavors  Flavors
Flickr  Flickr
Flipboard  Flipboard
Flixster  Flixster
Folkd  Folkd
Followerwonk  Followerwonk
FollowFriday  FollowFriday
Follr  Follr
Foodspotting  Foodspotting
Forkly  Forkly
Formspring  Formspring
Forrst  Forrst
Fotki  Fotki
Foursquare  Foursquare
Freebase  Freebase
Frenxter  Frenxter
Friendcloud  Friendcloud
FriendFeed  FriendFeed
Friends Reunited  Friends Reunited
Friendster  Friendster
Fubar  Fubar
FundersMart  FundersMart
Funny or Die  Funny or Die
Gather  Gather
Get Hired  Get Hired
Getglue  Getglue
GitHub  GitHub
Glassdoor  Glassdoor
Glogster  Glogster
Glossi  Glossi
Go Bigg  Go Bigg
Go Buzz Me  Go Buzz Me
GoArticles  GoArticles
GoldenLine  GoldenLine
Goodreads  Goodreads
Google Calendar  Google Calendar
Google Community  Google Community
Google Group  Google Group
Google+  Google+
GoToMeeting Events  GoToMeeting Events
Gowalla  Gowalla
Gozaik  Gozaik
Gravatar  Gravatar
GrooveShark  GrooveShark
GroupSite  GroupSite
Grovo  Grovo
Growth Hackers  Growth Hackers
Hallo! KvK  Hallo! KvK
Hi5  Hi5
Hire Influence  Hire Influence
HomeBasedBusiness  HomeBasedBusiness
Hootsuite University  Hootsuite University
Howsociable  Howsociable
HubPages  HubPages
HuffPost Social News  HuffPost Social News
Hulkshare  Hulkshare
Hunch  Hunch
Hypemarks  Hypemarks
Hyves  Hyves
ibibo  ibibo
IBO ToolBox  IBO ToolBox
icoolhunt  icoolhunt
Identified  Identified
Ifttt  Ifttt
ign  ign
iLike  iLike
IM Faceplate  IM Faceplate
IM Loop  IM Loop
imgur  imgur
Indiegogo  Indiegogo
Indoona  Indoona
IndyaRocks  IndyaRocks
Instagram  Instagram
IntenseDebate  IntenseDebate
Internations  Internations
Ipernity  Ipernity
Issuu  Issuu
IT Toolbox  IT Toolbox
ItsAllof.Me  ItsAllof.Me
iTunes podcast network  iTunes podcast network
iVillage  iVillage
iwiw  iwiw
Jaxtr  Jaxtr
Jolicloud  Jolicloud
just sayin  just sayin
Jux  Jux
Key Ingredient  Key Ingredient
KGBPeople  KGBPeople
KickStarter  KickStarter
Kiltr  Kiltr
Kippt  Kippt
Kiva  Kiva
Klout  Klout
Knowem  Knowem
Kooiii  Kooiii
Kred  Kred
krrb  krrb
Lanyrd  Lanyrd
Lastfm  Lastfm
Leaf  Leaf
Learnist  Learnist
Library Thing  Library Thing
LinkCentre  LinkCentre
LinkedIn  LinkedIn
LinkedIn Group  LinkedIn Group
Lino  Lino
Listal  Listal
Listly  Listly
Listorious  Listorious
Live Journal  Live Journal
LiveDrive  LiveDrive
Livestream  Livestream
LockerDome  LockerDome
Lockerz  Lockerz
LoveIt  LoveIt
Loveit  Loveit
Lulu  Lulu
Mahalo  Mahalo
Manta  Manta
Marketing Checkpoint  Marketing Checkpoint
Mashable  Mashable
MasterBranch  MasterBranch
Maven  Maven
Meddle  Meddle
Media Cause  Media Cause
Medium  Medium
Meemi  Meemi
Meet Me  Meet Me
Meet-up  Meet-up
Memit  Memit
memolane  memolane
Mendeley  Mendeley
Metacafe  Metacafe
MiGente  MiGente
miicard  miicard
MindMeister  MindMeister
Minglebox  Minglebox
Mirror Me  Mirror Me
miso  miso
Mixcloud  Mixcloud
Mog  Mog
Moptwo  Moptwo
MosaiHub  MosaiHub
Muck Rack  Muck Rack
Multiply  Multiply
My World Mail Ru  My World Mail Ru
MyAlliancess  MyAlliancess
MyLife  MyLife
MySocialCloud  MySocialCloud
MySpace  MySpace
MySpace Group  MySpace Group
Nanowrimo  Nanowrimo
Nate  Nate
Naymz  Naymz
Net Log  Net Log
Netflix  Netflix
Netvibes  Netvibes
NetViewer  NetViewer
Networked Blogs  Networked Blogs
Newhive  Newhive
Newsie  Newsie
Newsle  Newsle
Newsvine  Newsvine
Nextdoor (privacy red flag)  Nextdoor (privacy red flag)
Nikon Photographers  Nikon Photographers
Ning  Ning
oDesk  oDesk
oGoing  oGoing
ohloh  ohloh
Orkut  Orkut
Overblog  Overblog
Pandora  Pandora
Panoramio  Panoramio
Partnerpedia  Partnerpedia
Path.To  Path.To
Pearl Trees  Pearl Trees
Pearltrees  Pearltrees
Peerindex  Peerindex
PeerPower  PeerPower
Peerreach  Peerreach
Peertrust  Peertrust
Peopleperhour  Peopleperhour
Pheed  Pheed
Photo Bucket  Photo Bucket
Picasa  Picasa
Piccsy  Piccsy
PicsArt  PicsArt
Pinboard  Pinboard
Pinpuff  Pinpuff
Pinreach  Pinreach
Pinterest  Pinterest
Plancast  Plancast
Plaxo  Plaxo
Plinky  Plinky
Plurk  Plurk
Podomatic  Podomatic
Polyvore  Polyvore
Postcardgram  Postcardgram
Prezi  Prezi
Prezi  Prezi
Professionalclick  Professionalclick
Prollie  Prollie
ProSkore  ProSkore
Quora  Quora
Quup  Quup
Qwikr  Qwikr
Qype  Qype
QZone (China)  QZone (China)
rallypoint  rallypoint
Ranker  Ranker
Raptr  Raptr
ravelry  ravelry
RAVN (privacy red flag)  RAVN (privacy red flag)
Razume  Razume
Re.Vu  Re.Vu
RebelMouse  RebelMouse
Reddit  Reddit
RedGage (privacy red flag)  RedGage (privacy red flag)
Referral Key  Referral Key
Research Gate  Research Gate
ReverbNation  ReverbNation
Ridepost  Ridepost
Riffle  Riffle
Ripplin (privacy red flag)  Ripplin (privacy red flag)
Roomorama  Roomorama
Rotten Tomatoes  Rotten Tomatoes
RunKeeper  RunKeeper
Runtastic  Runtastic
RuTube  RuTube
Ryze  Ryze
S3 Buzz!  S3 Buzz!
SalesSpider  SalesSpider
School Tube  School Tube
Scoop IT  Scoop IT
Scribd  Scribd
SecondLife  SecondLife
Seesmic  Seesmic
SelfGrowth Network  SelfGrowth Network
Serendip  Serendip
Sevenload  Sevenload
Sharetribe  Sharetribe
ShortyAwards  ShortyAwards
Simply Hired  Simply Hired
skilio  skilio
SkillPages  SkillPages
Skype  Skype
SlideShare  SlideShare
Smarterer  Smarterer
Snapguide  Snapguide
SnapScore (privacy red flag)  SnapScore (privacy red flag)
Snooth  Snooth (Microsoft) (Microsoft)
Social IQ  Social IQ
Social Media Directory  Social Media Directory
Socialstatistics  Socialstatistics
Socialstock  Socialstock
Society3  Society3
Society3 Academy  Society3 Academy
society6  society6
Sokule  Sokule
SooperArticles  SooperArticles
Sound Click  Sound Click
SoundCloud  SoundCloud
Soundtracking  Soundtracking
Speaking Tree  Speaking Tree
SpecificFeeds  SpecificFeeds
SpeedMee  SpeedMee
SpiceWorks  SpiceWorks
Spinglo  Spinglo
Spiritual Networks  Spiritual Networks
Spoke  Spoke
Spotify  Spotify
Spreaker  Spreaker
Spreecast  Spreecast
Springpad  Springpad
Spruz  Spruz
Squidoo  Squidoo
Stackexchange  Stackexchange
StackOverflow  StackOverflow
Stage 32  Stage 32
Starcount  Starcount
Startup Genome  Startup Genome
Steam  Steam
Stickam  Stickam
Stipple  Stipple
StockTwits  StockTwits
Storeboard  Storeboard
Storify  Storify
Storylane  Storylane
Stumbleupon  Stumbleupon
Sulia  Sulia
SunZu  SunZu
Surfingbird  Surfingbird
Swayy  Swayy
Swipp  Swipp
Tabulas  Tabulas
tagdef  tagdef
Tagged  Tagged
Tagworld  Tagworld
Tagza (privacy red flag)  Tagza (privacy red flag)
TakingItGlobal  TakingItGlobal
Taskrabbit  Taskrabbit
Teachers Pay Teachers  Teachers Pay Teachers
Technorati  Technorati
TED Ideas Worth Spreading  TED Ideas Worth Spreading
TeePublic  TeePublic
Telly  Telly
Tencent Weibo  Tencent Weibo
The Blog Farm  The Blog Farm
ThingLink  ThingLink
thisismyjam  thisismyjam
Thunderclap  Thunderclap
Tiki'mee  Tiki'mee
Toostep  Toostep
touristlink  touristlink
TraiBorg  TraiBorg
TravBuddy  TravBuddy
Tribe  Tribe
Triberr  Triberr
TrionD  TrionD
TripAdvisor  TripAdvisor
TripIt  TripIt
Tripline  Tripline
Tripping  Tripping
trippy  trippy
TrustCloud  TrustCloud
Tsu (privacy red flag)  Tsu (privacy red flag)
Tumblr  Tumblr
Tungle  Tungle
tvtag  tvtag
Twebevent  Twebevent
Tweeted Times  Tweeted Times
TweetGrader  TweetGrader
TweetLevel  TweetLevel
Twine Social  Twine Social
Twitaholic  Twitaholic
Twitcasting  Twitcasting
Twitter  Twitter
Twittercounter  Twittercounter
Twtrland  Twtrland
Twubs  Twubs
Twylah  Twylah
Typepad  Typepad
Udemy  Udemy
Unittus  Unittus
untappd  untappd
Ushi  Ushi
Ustream  Ustream
Veoh  Veoh
Veretekk  Veretekk
Viadeo  Viadeo (privacy red flag) (privacy red flag)
videofyme  videofyme
ViewBug  ViewBug
Vimeo  Vimeo
Vimity  Vimity
Vine  Vine
Virb  Virb
Visual CV  Visual CV
vizCard  vizCard
Vizify  Vizify
Wanelo  Wanelo
Waywire  Waywire
We Heart It  We Heart It
WebmaisterPro  WebmaisterPro
Webshots  Webshots
Webutation  Webutation
WeCanDo.Biz  WeCanDo.Biz
Wefollow  Wefollow
WeHeartIt  WeHeartIt
WhosIn  WhosIn
wieowie  wieowie
Wiki  Wiki
Wikipedia  Wikipedia
Wish  Wish
Wordpress  Wordpress
Workfu  Workfu
Wryte Stuff  Wryte Stuff
Wunderkit  Wunderkit
Xanga  Xanga
XeeMe  XeeMe
Xing  Xing
Xing Group  Xing Group
XperLink  XperLink
yahoo 360  yahoo 360
Yahoo Group  Yahoo Group
Yahoo Profile  Yahoo Profile
Yammer  Yammer
Yasni  Yasni
Yatedo  Yatedo
Yelp  Yelp
Yookos  Yookos
YouNow  YouNow
YouTube  YouTube
YouVersion  YouVersion
Zazzle  Zazzle
Zerply  Zerply
Ziggs  Ziggs
Zintro  Zintro
ZoomInfo  ZoomInfo
Zooomr  Zooomr
Zootool  Zootool
Zorpia  Zorpia

Frequently asked questions

Q: What means "supported network"?
A: Supported networks are integrated in Xee/Graph the social media analytics tool in XeeMe. It provides XeeMe user with social traffic reports, network relevance reports to better understand the importance of each network.

Q: What is the specific integration with XeeMe?
A: XeeMe tracks every visit from a XeeMe to the selected social network sites. Supported networks have their own key insight the Xee/Graph analytics tool and provide valuable insights to owner of a XeeMe.

Q: What are selection criteria?
A: It must be a social media solution where information is shared with others. We do not support traditional websites.

Q: How can I make suggestions?
A: As a registerd XeeMe user you can make suggestions in our "Compete" system and let other XeeMe users vote. It requires only 12 users to add it to the directory

Q: Is there a way to add my own URL?
A: Absolutely. You can add any URL under the category 'Others'. The only disadvantage is that you can't get specific reports on 'others'.

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