XeeMe Technology Partnership
Why is XeeMe important to you?
Unless you are one of the big three (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) it is much harder to get visibility on your loyal user's profiles, email signature or mentions. Yet your growth is dependent on viral awareness. XeeMe boosts social media sites across all networks.

Make all your users advocats!
Technology Partner

XeeMe boosts over 100 social sites from a rapidly growing number of users every day. Their interest is to promote their social presence - you should not only be "on it" but encourage your userbase to promote their presence on your platform as well.
5 more reasons to support XeeMe

Here is how
1) Let your user base know you are on XeeMe
It's always good news to have friends in an industry. Tell them: "We are on XeeMe".

2) Use the XeeMe "Show it" button
This allows any of your users/members to automatically add their profile from your site to their XeeMe and give your site additional exposure.

3) You may want to add XeeMe to your technology partner list.
Let us know and we provide you with Logo, text and some more tips.

4) Share the good news in your next user info.
Let your users know that you are on XeeMe. It is more than just a list entry. Supported sites are shown in the users social traffic reports, in network relevance reports and count in the XeePV report.

5) Explore additional initiatives.
There is a lot more we can do together. And no, we don't charge you for that ;)

Let's talk.

We all grow a new industry together. Lets work together and create new ideas to support each other and our users. Connect with AxelS and send him a quick note.

  Some facts

XeeMe is in over 100 countries
Over 10 Million views on XeeMes
Over 1,000 new users per day
Top XeeMe with over 250 views per day

You should be on it ;)
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